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ICQ For ShapeShifter

©1998 Steven Pearson

Tnis is the first draft of this document if you have any problems understanding what I've written then email so I can explain it better. I've gone through this installation so many times it's second nature now.

To download any items please use Shift and left mouse button.

If you want to use ICQ through Shapeshifter then you must meet these minimum requirements

Of course the more resources you give the emulation the easier it will be. In order to use a Mac Rom you must own an Apple Macintosh. If you do own an Apple Mac but are unable to extract the Rom from it then Mac Roms are freely available for download from

Download Shapeshifter

Shapeshifter is availble from every Aminet Site
At the time of writing the newest version is

ShapeShifter39.lha misc/emu 243K 5+Macintosh II emulator, V3.9

Here are links to download ShapeShifter from some Aminet sites.

Download From Main Aminet Site (wustl US)
Download From European Site (Paderborn Germany)
Download From UK Site (Sunsite UK)

Download Mac OS

Unlike Mac Rom's early versions of the OS are freely distributable. You can download ShapeShifter ready Bootfiles pre installed with System 7.6.1 from the Unoffical ShapeShifter Support Page.

UOSSSP - Unoffical ShapeShifter Support Page

If you are serious about you're Mac Emulation then you should spend a while wandering around this site downloading allthe useful stuff. If you just want ICQ then Download the System 7.6.1 Bootdisk from that site. A Direct Link is included here but this li

System 7.6.1 Shapeshifter BootDisk 7Megs

Download FreePPP

The bootdisk you just downloaded came with OpenTransport/PPP which refuses to talk to my modem and as I understand it doesn't talk to many modems at all. You can try your luck or just download FreePPP and be dome with it.

FreePPP site

The download link is very prominent from the home page.

Download Mac ICQ

Finally we get to ICQ. This official Mac version can be sownloaded from.

ICQ for the Mac 68k

This page has installation instructions and everything.
I chose the non chat version it's under 1 Meg.

If you are doing this with only 8 Megs of ram then you cannot use this ICQ. The installer seems to think that you need exactly 8 Megs of ram to install it, which is impossible for an 8 Meg Machine as the Emulation takes up around 1 Meg. I have successfull

8 Meg Amiga archive of Mac ICQ 490k

This archive will install slightly differently to the proper version.


Now that the downloading is finished we can start to install.
First Unpack Shapeshifter to a suitable location on your Hard Drive.
Copy your Mac Rom into the Shapeshifter directory and call it ShapeShifter.ROM

At this point you will need at least 16 megs of hard drive space free. Unpack the Bootdisk to a suitable location on your HardDrive

If you are very short on Disk space you can now delete the Bootdisk Archive, I would strongly discourage this as we are going to modify the installed bootdisk and it could stop working and you don't want to have to download 7 megs again!

In order for shapeshifter to run you have to run the tool PrepareEmul if you own an A1200 you may have to give it the A1200 switch. and if that fails then download macmem from the Aminet

MacMem.lha misc/emu 1K 156+Run PrepareEmul on A1200

Or if you own a blizzard 1230 ans use rom remapping then you can use BlizKick to perform the PrepareEmul action.

BlizKick.lha util/boot 79K 47+MapROM tool for Blizzard turbos. V1.11.

PrepareEmul will reboot your machine so be careful to save all your work before running.

Now that prepareemul is running you can load Shapeshifter.

This is for AGA/ECS users now Graphics cards owners can blow their minds with any crazy resolution they like.
Color Depth 1 Bit (2 Colors)
Screen Type Amiga Bitplanes
Screen Mode This should be something like Pal:Hires-Laced.
Size Typical Mac sizes are 512x384
Refresh Rate 5
Black Border Optional
Refresh Always On
MMU Refresh Only Available for 040's 060's. and makes very little difference.
Amiga Mouse Pointer ON, until you setup an External Video Driver with a refresh of 1 or 2 then keep this to Amiga Mouse
Obvoiusly this will look a litty crappy but this is the only way to guarantee that every machine will run the emulation an 99% Speed. If you want to download some EVD's and configure them for your system.
Some good EVD's are

Next it's time to setup Volumes/Disks.
Put the MACOS761 file into FileDisk1
And click create next to FileDisk2
You need a spare filedisk of at least 5120Kb The unregistered ShapeShifter will only support Filedisks so until you register FileDisk2 Will be your WORK: partition make it as Big as you can if you intend to seriously use Shapeshifter othe

Set Bootfrom to FileDisk1 to give ShapeShifter a helping on when booting.

Now onto Memory. If you are using the Mono settings I told you to use before then set Memory to largest Free Block. It needs to be at least 8192Kb. If you only have 8 Megs of memory then set it to Largest Free Block and set Rom memory type to Chip ram. This will slow the emulation down but Shapeshifter needs as much ofthat 8 meg as you can give it.

If you are using an EVD then some of these have problems with Largest Free Block, Shapeshifter gobbles all the memory and when the Video driver tries to allocate some FastRam buffers it can't and Shapeshifter will quit with an Error Message.

Now set up your serial port. Shapeshifter works with the internal serial.device and I use it with squirrelserial.device. I should imagine it will work with any thing that has serial.device compatability.

Hit Save and if you have enough memory left hit Start.

Add plenty of buffers to the device with the Filedisks on the buffers speed up access tremendously. 8Meg machines will have to boot with no startup-sequence.

You'll need to type
Addbuffers DEVICE: 1000
CD ShapeShfterDir
RUN ShapeShifter

The partition you created will be identified as Unformatted you will be asked if it's ok to format it. The first time you boot the Desktop file will be built too. This will only happen the once.

When Shapeshifter is loaded you shoul go to the Apple Menu (top left hand corner) and select about this computer,
If total memory is below 8 meg then you will have trouble installing ICQ either try to get more memory to Shapeshifter or download the 8MegICQ file from Above.

The minimum I tried to run ICQ with was 6192k which I believe an 8 Meg machine can easily supply.

Amiga Files into ShapeShifter

FreePPP and ICQ are on your Amiga Hard-Drive and you need to get them into the Apple Mac. From the ShapeShifter Directory install MacHandler.

You'll need mountfiles for FileDisk1 and Filedisk2 the supplied MAC: will do FileDisk1 for you but to mount FileDisk 2 you will need to either copy the MAC Mountfile to MAC2 and change the STARTUP tooltype to 2 or download this file here.

MAC2 MountFile

ShapeShifter must be running in order to mount MAC: and MAC2: this is very important. 8 meg users will have to make do with typing commands in the shell to mount and copy files. Unless they have a tiny Directory Util they can load.

Now that MAC2: is mounted copy FreePPP and ICQ onto it.

Installing FreePPP

You should load up the Apple Mac.

Before we install FreePPP we should configure your Mac to expect a PPP connection rather than an EtherNet one.
Open the Apple Menu (top left) Select Control Panels then TCP/IP.
You will get an error message. OK this and select Connect Via PPP then Close and window and Save the settings.

You should see 3 icons on the desktop. MacOS761, The FileDisk you setup and the TrashCan.

Open up your Filedisk inside should be FreePPP and Icq.
Open up the MacOS disk and open the Bin directory inside it.
You should be able to see a directory called Stuffit Exapnder, Open it
Inside is the program Stuffit Expander
Pickup the FreePPP archive and drop it onto Stuffit Expander.

After Much Thinking a Directory Called FreePPP2.6 Installer Will be created.

Open it
And Double click on that Cheeky Little Monkey to install FreePPP

Now select Special/Restart

After the Mac has rebooted you shoul see a telephone icon in the top right. Between the Clock and the question mark.

Select the telephone and choose Setup FreePPP

Choose connect to new Account.

Enter an Account Name. This can be anything you like.
Leave it set to connect Directly.

Enter your Username and Password

Click on Dialup, Enter the phoenumber here.

Click on Options, Enter your Domain domain name. i.e.

And enter your DNS servers here.You can get their IP addresses either from your ISP or by Loading Miami and looking in the DataBase DNS Servers section.

Select Configure OT TCP/IP for this Account.

leave IP address set to assigned by PPP server.


Installing ICQ

Drop the ICQ Archive into Stuffit Expander

If you downloaded the official Version Then double click on the ICQ Installer Icon. This will NEED at least 8Megs of memory to run. If it Complains and you can't give it 8 megs of memory then download the 8Meg archived version from way above and drop that

At this point everyone should have an ICQ directory.

Double Click the ICQ icon and follow the installer Instructions

Tidying Up

You can now delete any files with .sit or .hqx in their names.
You delete files by dropping them in the Trash and selected Special/Empty Trash.