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18/06/98 Amiga Icq Update

The first issue of the AIU has been sent out to all who have subscribed.
If you subscribed and havent recieved a copy , please send email to
17/06/98 Stricq Update

STRICQ has been updated to version 0.322 and can be downloaded from the downloads section.
The Author of Stricq has recieved some information which means it might not be long until file transfers are able to be done on icq.
14/06/98 New Section Added

Steven Pearson has written a very comprehensive guide on how to set up ShapeShifter and install ICQ for the macintosh. This has been tested and works perfectly. Well done Steven.
12/06/98 New Files Added

There were 3 new files added today , these are a help file for micq , a sounds pack and a icon pack. Icons were created by Steven Pearson. The sound pack is ripped from the original Icq program.
12/06/98Stricq News

It would appear that the author of Stricq , Douglas Mclaughlin has bought himself a PC , to help with making Stricq even better.
So maybe those Chat/Send and New UIN creations are not to far away.

Thanks to , we now have a domain name.
It should be noted that using the above url is sometimes not possible so you are advised only to use it incase this site disappears from this server.
10/06/98 Amiga Icq Web Site is Launched

This site officially opened on the 10th of August , After a brief spell of serving files on irc the bot was removed due to problems.
These problems have now be sorted and the bot should be back in place later this evening.
08/06/98 America Online to buy Mirabilis for $287 mln

America Online Inc said on Monday it had agreed to acquire the Israel-based company Mirabilis Ltd. for $287 million.
The purchase price could grow to as much as $120 million depending on Mirabilis's operations over the next three years.
Mirabilis developed ICQ technology, which informs Internet users when family, friends and business colleagues are online and enables them to exchange messages in real-time.ICQ also gives users the ability to play games and exchange files.
More than 12 million people have registered to use the technology, America Online said in a statement.
A substantial portion of the initial $287 million purchase price is expected to be accounted for as in-process research and development in America Online's fiscal fourth quarter, ending June 30.
America Online said it does not expect the purchase of Mirabilis to have any negative effect on operating earnings.
Mirabilis will continue to be based in Tel Aviv and will be operated by its founding team as a free Web-based service with its own brand identity, America Online said.